Former Buikwe MP Lulume Bayiga detained by police in hospital


The former Member of Parliament for Buikwe South, Dr Lulume Bayiga has been transferred to Uganda-Iran medical centre in Naguru where he remains in police detention.

Bayiga was brought to the health facility Sunday evening by police, after he demanded that he be handled by professional doctors.

Since his arrest, Bayiga who was reportedly beaten by police, has been denied police bond.

“They pushed me in their truck and made me lie on its surface, then they (police) drove on the bumpy road. I felt my limbs getting numb, so that worried me they could have injured my spinal cord,” Bayiga said.

“The RPC and DPC were not worried about my health,” he added.

He also expressed gratitude that he was brought to a better health facility, but wondered why he had not been taken to Kawolo hospital which was close to where he was arrested from.

DP president, Nobert Mao says police should handle the matter humanely, and should give Bayiga police bond instead of keeping him under custody in his currently medical condition.

Bayiga was arrested in a health camp organized by the rotary club in Buikwe District. Police claims the former legislator had a pending case of staging unlawful assembly and had refused to appear despite summons.

However, Mao insists that Bayiga’s arrest is politically motivated.

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