Museveni: Ugandans are not drinking enough milk


Ugandans are not drinking enough milk despite the fact the milk production in the country has continued improving each year.

According to President Museveni, Uganda was producing 200 million liters in 1986 but it has now increased to 2.2 billion liters.

He made the remarks while speaking at the East Africa Law Society Annual Conference in Entebbe where he implored lawyers from the East Africa Community to preach the gospel of the region's economic integration.

He said milk consumption was 18 liters per capita per annum but it has gone up to 60 liters per capita per annum.

He however, noted that the milk consumption is below the recommended 200 liters per person per annum by World Health Organisation.

He argued that as a result, Ugandans drink 800 million liters of milk per year leaving a surplus of 1.4 billion liters. He says the surplus is exported to largely East African countries.

It's only through East Africa and Africa's economic integration, Museveni argued that the region can prosper and secure prosperity of future generations. He noted that the region and the continent will secure prosperity through hard work not through "prayers, betting or luck."

Museveni, who came with a speech he delivered in August, at the Nelson Mandela Memorial Lecture, Makerere University, said one of the stimuli for prosperity is a big market, which encourages the producers of goods and services to produce more and more.

"By producing more and more, the entrepreneurs earn more and more money, create more jobs and expand the tax-base of the country, which helps in service delivery," he said.

Museveni noted that without a big market, prosperity is not possible.

He pointed at China and India, the most populated countries in the world.

He said:  "Each of those countries has a population of more 1.3 billion people.  They, indeed, tried to develop depending only on their huge respective internal markets.  They found that they were not developing at the required speed.  China opened up in 1978 and India in 1991.  They are now both super-powers."

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