Anti-corruption hotline receives no call in one year


Not a single corruption-related call has been made on the anti-corruption hotline at Uganda Investment Authority (UIA).

According to the UIA chief executive, Jolly Kaguhangire, the nearly one year old telephone number hasn't received any anti-corruption call.

Kaguhangire said instead other normal investment related queries have been made on the hotline managed by the army.

 The hotline is 0800100770.

The state minister for Investment and Privatization, Evelyn Anite, established the hotline last year following concerns by President Museveni.

Anite launched the hotline publicly before the media.

During his nationwide radio talkshows, Museveni also publicised the line, encouraging citizens to report corruption-related grievances via it.

The aim is to enable any investor, potential or actual, facing corrupt demands or redtape, or any aggrieved person, to whistle blow using the hotline.

By not having received a single corruption-related call, the hotline's relevance and effectiveness is being put into question.

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