VIDEO: How Kaweesi murder suspects were rearrested


What begun as scenes of joy turned sour as security operatives rearrested two of the seven late AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi suspects who had earlier been released on bail.

It all began when Nakawa Grade I magistrate Noah Ssajjabi granted seven people bail including; Ahmed Ssenfuka, Umaru Maganda, Hassan Tusiime, Musa Ntende, Ibrahim Kisa, Asuman Mugoya and Adul Majid Ojegere.

The bailed then were joined by family and relatives in celebration, hugging in a mixture of tears and joy, those with children cuddled them, while those with none looked forward to the reception at home.

But well, there was another plan from secrutiy operatives who immediately after the bail hearing were seen cocooning and plotting. The suspects’ lawyer smelt a fishy plan and advised his clients to jump onto boda boda taxis and head home.

The suspects left court one after the other on boda boda’s. A few minutes after Ahmed Ssenfuka left, he was intercepted by security operatives at Spear Motors Nakawa.

They pounced on him and yanked him off the motorcycle, one of the operatives brandished a pistol and put him at gun point, while the others scuffled with him. The more Ssenfuka fought, the more the operative with a gun kept flashing it in his face, as if to say; "Make this fast boy, its for your own good."

Aside, was a Toyota Corolla registration number UAE 141K parked and only waiting for the “goods” labelled Ahmed Ssenfuka.

People gathered on one end of the road, as Ssenfuka shouted, kicked and wailed while fighting off the security fixture.

“woooo..woooooo…” Ssenfuka shouted helplessly as they pinned him on one of the cars parked by the roadside, fidgeting to handcuff him.

“Ava ku kooti, bamutade kukooti, ate bamukwatiraki (he has been released by court, why are they rearresting him)?” the onlookers echoed from a distance. One would be heard exclaiming ignorantly; “ate oyo akoozeekyi (what has he done)?”

At the same time, Ssenfuka tore away from the operatives, sprinting across the road not caring what car would knock him, all he wanted was to come to the side where more people are, may be some help would suffice.

Alas, the crowd only watched on. Ssenfuka continued to plead with whoever cared to listen; “Banange nva ku kooti (Please I am coming from court where I was released).” He repeated this continuously until a woman from the side called upon her colleagues to help him but no one was willing to join the fight.

Meanwhile one of the operatives kept the gun held at close range, something that could have scared anyone willing to join.

Ssenfuka wrestled, puffed, huffed, wailed and cried until his tank was empty. He tried to collapse to the ground but he was collected by his clothes, in the event undressing him.

This however did not deter his conscriptors as they further gathered him at once and squeezed him into the waiting Toyota Corolla and sped off.

We would later be told another suspect walking on clutches (Umar Maganda) was also intercepted and bundled up into a waiting car.

The suspects have been taken to Kireka Special Investigations Unit.




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