Rwakakamba to head Bridge International Uganda


Morrison Rwakakamba, a former presidential assistant in charge of research, has been appointed the new Country Director of Bridge International Academies Uganda.

Rwakakamba recently resigned his position from government and as the CEO of Agency for Transformation to take on the mantle at Bridge International.

Bridge International is a leading global social enterprise which currently runs 63 schools littered across the country.

Bridge boosts of offering over 14,000 children from marginalized communities quality education at an affordable fee, integrating technology in the learning process.

Rwakakamba is not new in education circles. He worked with Twaweza Uganda, an education centred NGO, as the country director for between 2010 and 2013.

Accepting the new position, Rwakakamba said: “I hope to leverage on what Bridge is doing to ensure that disadvantaged children have access to quality education. In this country, teacher absenteeism is at 58% which means that children are at school but the teachers are not there. Bridge has adopted technology to promote transparency with in the management of the classroom and the schools. This is something that Bridge can partner with government.”

Rwakakamba joins Bridge as the dialogue between the social enterprise and government concludes remaining licensing conversations following tensions last year.

Will the appointment of Rwakakamba mark a fresh start for Bridge to nurture a better working relationship with government? We can only keep our eyes open.

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