Police acting with impunity and arrogance- FDC’s Amuriat


FDC party presidential flag bearer Patrick Oboi Amuriat has condemned the police for disrupting party campaigns.

Speaking to journalists at Katonga road in Kampala, Amuriat blamed the police for the recent chaos in Rukungiri where one person died and several were injured.

According to Amuriat, the FDC legal team is studying the footage of Rukungiri and those who helped police to beat up their supporters will be taken to court and be charged.

“What happened has been widely published, our legal team will watch the footage and swing to action. Those who beat people on behalf of police, we shall hold them accountable as individuals, there is no turning back on this,” he said.

He accused the police of arresting youth from Rukungiri and transferring them to Kampala without trial.

“They transported the youth several miles from Rukungiri to rot here in Kampala. There are prisons, courts and police cells in Rukungiri, why didn’t they detain them there? We are going to do all things possible to have the arrested youth released," he said.

“It appears to me that the dark days of the past are with us when during Amin’s days, citizens of thus country would disappear without trace, the days of Panda gari. I condemn in the strongest terms possible the acts of police in Rukungiri, I would like to call upon police to respect the rule of law and do not be law offenders. The police are acting with impunity and arrogance and should not be allowed,” he added.

One why former FDC party president, Dr Kizza Besigye is attending the flag bearer campaigns, Amuriat is attending in his capacity as a party delegate and member.

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