AUDIO: Those in support of “togikwatako” are wasting time- Kayihura


The Inspector General of Police, Gen Kale Kayihura has said those opposing the amendment of the the constitution to remove age limits are only wasting time.

In a leaked audio, the Police head is heard telling people at a certain function that; “bagikwatako daa” literally meaning the battle not to amend was already lost.

The audio, is apparently adopted from a news bulletin of a local radio station.

“Never mind “togikwatako”, in any case the Constitution they are saying togikwatako (don’t touch it), it was touched long time ago,” Kayihura said.

“Even inside the Constitution, it allows amendment, so just forget them (those supporting togikwatako) lets concentrate on consolidating what your grandfathers have contributed to reverse the negative history of our country and no body should discourage you,” he added.

The IGP according to the audio was attending a wedding reception for Edgar Kulayigye, the OC station for Kampala Central Police Station (CPS).

Nile Post understands that the wedding happened on October 7 at Mawanda gardens in Kireka, Wakiso district and the audio was produced on October 9.

A week after making the statements, Gen Kayihura hosted President Museveni at a thanksgiving ceremony to celebrate achievements made by his father, late John Kalekyezi, held at Isaaza Grounds in Kisoro Municipality in South Western Uganda.

When he rose to speak, the IGP pledged in his lifetime never to disappoint Museveni.

“I thank you for the opportunity you gave me to serve and I promise that for the remaining time of my life, work even more not to disappoint you,” Kayihura said before he offered gifts to Museveni which included; a spear, shield and a frame of the National Resistance Movement (NRM) party symbol-the bus.

Museveni on the other hand praised the police head of doing a good job and being a good National Resistance Movement (NRM) cadre.

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Gen Kale Kayihura heads an institution which is supposed to be non partisan while carrying out its duties. However, the Force has come under criticism on several occasion with many accusing it of driving the agenda of the government at the expense of the opposition.


The Uganda Human Rights Commission last week condemned the partisan tendencies of the force while handling matters related to the removal of age limit.

The commission castigated the high handedness and discriminatory tendencies of the security agencies and violent actions of some political actors and members of the public who were involved in the scuffles.

It stated that the police have handled some meetings in a partisan manner, dispersing consultations of the opponents of the removal of term limits while providing security for the proponents of age limit removal.

None of the consultative meetings of the proponents has been dispersed or suffered use of excessive force by police.

In September this year, 15 legislators opposed to the age limit led by Busiro East MP, Medard Lubega Ssegona, said they would no longer respect summons from the police because of its being partisan.

The legislators made statements after police summoned Theodore Ssekikubo, Mohammed Nsereko, and Allan Ssewanyana for offensive communication.

The accused the police of allowing to be use by certain politicians while violating other people’s rights. They challenged the Force to summon Evelyn Anite for her statements on the army.

The former Inspector General of Police, Julius Peter Odwe in January last year during an interview with another media house accused the police of being partisan.

However, Police have insisted they are non partisan, saying that they keep in their role as an institution which detects and avoids crime.



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