2026 polls: Museveni launches update of NRM register

2026 polls: Museveni launches update of NRM register
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President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, who is also the party chairman has launched the exercise to update the NRM register as part of the ruling party’s electoral roadmap for 2026 election.

Speaking after the launch, Museveni said this exercise is good to know the number of supporters the party has.

“This is a good nucleus. Each book is sent back to the village and people check. People are free to go and check and if there is somebody missing, they can be added.

Museveni noted that work is now cut out for the party leaders who now have a job to ensure they mobilise Ugandans to support the NRM.

He however said to ably do this, the party leaders must themselves be well versed with its principles.

“Mobilization in form of holding meetings and rallies is good but all those efforts will be very easy if you go back to the NRM principles and understand them. These principles are a diagnosis of the problems of Uganda and then a prescription. Therefore, as you mobilise, understand these principles yourself,” Museveni said.

“That’s why you the leaders must be different from the followers. Followers don't need to understand depth of matters but only a summary. You the cadres are like priests. You must go deep and it is why it is crucial to understand the four principles of NRM. Each one has got very serious issues behind it. Mobilisation of meetings is rending our clothes but we must rend our hearts.”

The president insisted that NRM leaders understand what the country needs by going deep to understand the problems so they can ably mobilise and sensitize the public.

The NRM Secretary General, Richard Todwong said this exercise prepares the party for the 2026 general election.

He retaliated the call by party members for President Museveni to stand again in 2026.

“As a party, we are committed to ensuring you continue with your legacy and good deeds and we are still asking for your good will to stand in 2026. Every district is sending a memorandum asking you to offer yourself in 2026,” Todwong said.


According to the NRM electoral commission chairperson, Dr.Tanga Odoi, the roadmap will begin with the display and update of the NRM register to be done at every village in the country between March, 13 and 17 2024.

He noted that on March, 17 all villages will hold barazas where the NRM village executive committee and village registrar will approve and members will have opportunity to verify whether those captured belong to the said villages.

Uganda has 72000 villages.

Tanga said between March 19 and 24, the party shall call for expression of interest and nominate candidates for the party structures at village and cell level and between arch 25 and 26, campaigns will be organized in every village.

He noted that on March, 27, the party shall have polling and announcement of results of party structures at village level and on April, 5, the compiling of the register will start at parish level, and on 12, compilation of the voters register and polling of party structures will take place at sub county and town council levels.

The exercise will continue at municipal and city division level on April, 16, district and city levels on April, 19 whereas between April, 20 and 30, will be for compilation of the register and sending final results to the party secretariat.

Dr.Tanga Odoi however said the roadmap for getting the NRM presidential flagbearer, parliamentary flagbearer, LC5 chairperson, municipal mayor and others will be unveiled at a later time.

The function was attended by the party Central Executive Committee members led by the first vice chairperson, Al Haji Moses Kigongo, second vice chairperson, Rebecca Kadaga  and other top party leaders.

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