CDF Mbadi explains UPDF promotions

CDF Mbadi explains UPDF promotions
Gen Wilson Mbadi(L) decorates ISO boss, Brig Charles Oluka.

The Chief of the Defence Forces in the UPDF, Gen Wilson Mbadi has explained the rationale behind promotions in the Ugandan army.

Speaking during the decoration of 23 UPDF officers recently promoted at the Ministry of Defence and Veteran Affairs headquarters in Mbuya on Friday, Gen Mbadi explained that promotions are based on several factors.

“We collectively elaborated the criteria on promotions which often some people don’t want to hear about, to avoid organisational chaos. It cannot be Majors commanding sections like I saw somewhere. This criterion is such that promotions are for placeability. Is the establishment having a place for the new rank,” Gen Mbadi explained.

He noted that promotions are also done depending on the usability of the soldier to be promoted.

The CDF explained that in this aspect, they ask whether the person to be promoted is usable or the army is wasting a very good non-commissioned officer.

“ Is the candidate usable or you are wasting a very good NCO for an officer; a very good junior officer for a senior officer or for a General?”

He added that the promotions are also based on courses attended and budget of government.

“We also base on course attended.The military is very particular just like other organizations anyway. I am sure, even in church a catechist’s course cannot create a Bishop. On the budget,  is there due diligence on the cost implication or it is as some were requesting, “promote us even if you don’t pay us for the new ranks”?”

The Chief of Defence Forces in the UPDF noted that the recent promotion is part of the proffesionalization journey of the Ugandan army.

“Therefore, the decoration we have witnessed here, like other predecessor similar ceremonies should be a testament not only of achievements in our officers’ careers but also to a professional body, ethos and methodology; a reflection of proven potential.

“As I said earlier on, many of course are dedicated and have potential but always remember and as it is known, the military’s bottom - top is always pyramidal. Otherwise, a military promotion is a major achievement for the institution and specific to the UPDF, these ranks come with added mandates and responsibilities. You join the higher echelon of a people’s force.”

He urged the promoted officers to use the new ranks as enabling tools primarily to effectively preserve and defend the sovereignty and interior integrity of Uganda.

“Like all other industries, a higher rank means increased responsibility. But the conditions for military promotions are different than climbing the ladder in other careers. To help you prepare for this important milestone with the new ranks, remember, military ranks denote seniority, authority and responsibility .”

“To the decorated, as you serve under renewed heavier responsibilities, always remember our pro-people code of conduct; and avoid all tendencies injurious to the UPDF, its cohesion and effectiveness. We have not promoted you to be corrupt or intrigeous. You know these vices are more disastrous to the force than some armed groups have been.”

Speaking on behalf of the promoted officers, Brig Gen Charles Oluka, the Director General of ISO, congratulated the UPDF on the successful launch of the Establishment and hoped to borrow a leaf for the Internal Security Organization (ISO).

He commended how far ISO has come and the new direction that they are taking with support from UPDF through military training.

Brig Oluka also noted that joint training is key for bonding, shared ideology, and philosophy and the effective conduct of joint operations.

“The geopolitics of Uganda revolves around three elements which included, the prosperity of all Ugandans, strategic security for Uganda and enhancing International credibility of the African people,” he said .

In attendance were, the Deputy CDF, Lt Gen Peter Elwelu, Commander Air Forces, Joint Chief of Staff, Chief of Personnel and Administration, Service Chiefs, Generals and Senior Officers.

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