Museveni summons CEC meeting to discuss Muhoozi's PLU

Museveni summons CEC meeting to discuss Muhoozi's PLU
Muhoozi hands over files to Museveni during a May meeting

The National Resistance Movement (NRM) in Uganda faces a potentially explosive meeting of its Central Executive Committee (CEC) this Friday. The newly formed "Patriotic League of Uganda" (PLU) led by President Museveni's son, General Muhoozi Kainerugaba, has ignited internal debate and raised tensions within the party.

Captain Mike Mukula, a CEC member suspected of backing the PLU, will reportedly be grilled during the meeting. Some view the PLU as a challenge to the NRM's authority, while others see it as a potential threat to President Museveni's leadership.

General Muhoozi has hinted at presidential ambitions, further complicating the situation for NRM members who now find themselves caught between supporting the son and their current leader, the father.

The PLU downplays any political intentions, insisting its focus is on civic work. However, its formation and General Muhoozi's aspirations fuel speculation and unease within the NRM.

Legislator Ssemujju Nganda claims the internal tension stems from perceived party capture by President Museveni, leaving members unsure about the future. As the 2026 elections approach, the NRM grapples with potential fractures in its leadership structure.

The full agenda of the CEC meeting and its potential outcomes remain undisclosed. General Muhoozi's true political ambitions and the PLU's long-term goals are subject to debate. The extent of internal divisions within the NRM and their impact on party unity and future leadership remain unclear.

This CEC meeting holds significant weight as the NRM navigates a complex political landscape. The party's response to the PLU and its handling of internal dissent will be closely watched, with potential implications for the upcoming elections and Uganda's political stability.

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