2026 Hopes Dashed? MP Ssemujju Dismisses Muhoozi's Presidential Bid While Museveni Reigns

2026 Hopes Dashed? MP Ssemujju Dismisses Muhoozi's Presidential Bid While Museveni Reigns
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Ugandan politics take a turn as MP Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda throws a wrench into General Muhoozi Kainerugaba's (President Museveni's son) 2026 presidential aspirations. Terming it an "illusion," Ssemujju believes Muhoozi's chances remain slim as long as his father holds the reins.

Family Ties, Power Grips, and Public Disillusionment:

Ssemujju strongly criticizes "Family rule," comparing Museveni's long tenure to Zimbabwe's former President Robert Mugabe, both accused of clinging to power. He claims Museveni harbors similar ambitions, aiming to rule until his final breath. "Those who think Museveni's son will be a candidate in 2026, that is an illusion," Ssemujju asserts.

Expressing deep disillusionment with Museveni's rule, the MP laments the lack of progress and the growing influence of the Museveni family within the government. He urges Ugandans to unite and find solutions, arguing that political parties alone don't hold the answer. "Stop assigning us the responsibility as if Uganda belongs to political parties. We all have been made weak and vulnerable," he declares.

Ssemujju further slams those who prioritize personal gains over opposing "Family rule." He claims the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM), state apparatus, military, and even parliament have fallen under the Museveni family's control, leaving Ugandans exposed.

While acknowledging internal disagreements within parties as normal, Ssemujju raises concerns about the concentration of power within the Museveni family. He highlights the presence of multiple family members holding key positions like presidential advisors and ministers. "People thought Museveni would step down and become a champion for change, but all those hopes have now been dashed," he concludes.

Uncertain Path Ahead:

Ssemujju's bold statements add a layer of complexity to the upcoming 2026 elections. Whether Museveni plans to step down or maintain his grip remains unknown. His assessment of public sentiment towards "Family rule" and Ugandan citizens' willingness to unite for change are also open to debate.

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