Uweso commissions refurbished dormitories at Masulita Children's Home

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Uweso commissions refurbished dormitories at Masulita Children's Home
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The Uganda Women's Effort to Save Orphans (UWESO) has commissioned accommodation facilities at Masulita Children's Home in Wakiso.

The facilities which include two dormitories,  a dining hall, and a guest house will see over 1000 children supported to have a decent life.

The dormitories have been refurbished in partnership with Tororo Cement.

By 1pm, First Daughter Natasha Karugire Museveni was at the UWESO Masulita Children's Home to commission the newly renovated dormitories, dining hall and guest house.

The centre currently accommodates 711  children some of whom are orphans, street and trafficked children.

However, the housing structure was small for them which explains the expansion.

While speaking on behalf of the First Lady Janet Museveni, Natasha said the project is one of the initiatives aimed  at supporting children less privileged children.

"When I visited Naluvale, I found a large group of children in a bad state," she said.

"I later found out that these children had lost their parents or had been separated from them by the war. These more than 100 children had only one person trying to look after them as best he could in a dire situation.

Natasha said she resolved to do my part in caring for orphaned children in Uganda as my service to the Lord. She called a women's meeting at the Police Officer's Mess in Naguru.

"To my surprise, so many women turned up. It is at that meeting that the women of Uganda took it upon themselves to look after the children of Uganda who were in need and UWESO was born.

UWESO) is a National Non-Government Organization founded in 1986 by Ugandan mothers committed to support and care for orphans and vulnerable children through the initiative of Mrs Museveni.

"The Lord established UWESO and through it many children have been saved, rescued and many have rehabilitated," Natasha said.

She said UWESO has evolved as the country has grown and as the needs have changed but that its core mandate is to help and support vulnerable children in the country.

"I am very happy to see it carry out that effort with integrity and dedication," Natasha said.

The board chairperson of UWESO, Olive Lumonya, said the organisation is committed to  respond to  children, orphans and vulnerable persons whose lives are in dire situation.

The renovated accommodation structures are as a result of  fundraising which raised over Shs1 billion that enabled Tororo Cement to standardize the buildings.

For better accommodation of these children, Set Her Free, an NGO that empowers young women to live a life free of sexual exploitation and child labour by providing shelter, education, rehabilitation, and reintegration services, distributed foam mattresses to hundreds of orphans and abandoned children.

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