Mao calls for change in political culture

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Mao calls for change in political culture
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KAMPALA - Justice and Constitutional Affairs minister Nobert Mao has called cultural shift in the country's political landscape, saying it is "urgent".

Mao stressed the importance of investing in constructive engagement and inclusive processes such as national dialogue to foster positive change.

"One doesn't necessarily need to hold an elected position in Parliament or presidency to have their voice heard," he said.

The minister said there would be progress if diverse voices contributed to the political discourse and decision-making processes in Uganda, adding that the nation should combat radical ideologies to pave the way for building a new, broad center in Ugandan politics.

"We need to fight extremism," the minister said.

He clarified that by extremism, he does not only refer to government actions or Opposition agenda but also includes any divisive rhetoric or actions that threaten the peace and stability of the nation.

"We have extremism in the government, we have extremism in the Opposition," Mao noted

According to Mao, the majority of Ugandans prioritize peace and stability over political divisions. He called for unity and collaboration among different stakeholders to address challenges and work towards a common goal of national prosperity.

Mao is a former presidential candidate and his remarks come at a crucial time as Uganda grapples with political tensions and strives to strengthen democratic institutions. His advocacy for inclusive politics and constructive dialogue resonates with many who seek a more cohesive and peaceful future for the country.

As the nation looks towards the future, the message from Minister Mao serves as a reminder of the importance of embracing diversity, fostering dialogue, and prioritizing the collective well-being of all Ugandans.

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