Makerere University targets 200 PhD graduates annually

Makerere University targets 200 PhD graduates annually
Prof. Nawangwe presides over MAK's 74th graduation ceremony

In a bold move towards advancing education and addressing poverty in Africa, Makerere University has set an ambitious target to graduate 200 PhD candidates annually. The announcement, was made by the University's Vice-Chancellor Professor Barnabas Nawangwe in Makerere’s just-concluded 74th graduation ceremony.

"This is in response to the World Bank's call for 100,000 PhDs for Africa over the next decade, envisioning education as a catalyst for pulling the continent out of poverty,”Nawangwe says.

The commitment to producing a substantial number of doctorates annually reflects Makerere University's dedication to meeting the regional demand for highly skilled professionals and contributing to Africa's socio-economic transformation.

In the just-ended graduation ceremony, Makerere University celebrated a significant milestone by conferring doctoral degrees upon 132 graduates.

This achievement not only signifies the institution's commitment to advanced education but also sets the stage for an intensified effort to reach the ambitious target of 200 PhD graduates per year.

The increased focus on doctoral programs is expected to enhance research capabilities, foster innovation, and produce thought leaders capable of addressing complex challenges facing the continent.

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