Intrigue in NUP as Masaka mobilization suspended amid leadership tensions

Intrigue in NUP as Masaka mobilization suspended amid leadership tensions
Mpuuga (left) and Kyagulanyi

Tensions are escalating within the National Unity Platform (NUP) as the Deputy President for Buganda region, Mathias Mpuuga, made a surprising move to suspend mobilization rallies in Greater Masaka.

While reports of emerging divisions among party leaders in the region surface, the party leadership insists that these are the actions of self-seeking politicians rather than internal strife.

In an unexpected twist, leaders of the NUP in Masaka city halted their mobilization campaign, known as Kunga, during a heated meeting chaired by Mathius Mpuuga, also the Member of Parliament for Nyendo Mukungwe division in Masaka city.

This decision has sparked concerns about potential rifts among party leaders in the Masaka area.

Abed Bwanika, MP for Kimaanya-Kabonera, downplayed fears of division, asserting that Masaka and Buganda remain NUP strongholds.

He indicated that the suspension was a strategic move to extend the mobilization drive to other regions.

"Masaka and Buganda are core NUP strongholds, prompting the decision to suspend and expand our mobilization efforts beyond the region," explained Bwanika.

The national mobilizer for NUP, Fred Nyanzi, revealed that the decision by Masaka leaders is now under review at the party headquarters.

However, amidst claims of bitterness and squabbles among NUP leaders in Masaka, the national organizing secretary, Moses Kanaabi, dismissed the controversy as a result of leaders vying for positions in their constituencies.

"The ongoing controversy is fueled by some leaders seeking positions in their constituencies," stated Kanaabi.

Nyanzi pointed to an invisible hand stirring dissent among leaders, while critics emphasized the need for transparency among mobilization coordinators within the party.

NUP's internal strife in Greater Masaka traces back to August 2023 when clashes erupted over the alleged sale of the children's park, pitting City mayor Florence Namayanja and her followers against the Abed Bwanika-led group.

The current suspension of mobilization rallies adds another layer to the ongoing dynamics within the party.

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