Katanga’s ailing widow remanded to Luzira

Katanga’s ailing widow remanded to Luzira
Molly Katanga is wheeled in court

In a sombre mood and quiet courtroom, Molly Katanga who has been indisposed for nearly two months, was wheeled into Nakawa Court to face charges about the death of her husband, Henry Katanga.

Brought in a black police ambulance, Molly Katanga was accompanied by her medical team and tightly guarded. Soldiers stood guard, ensuring no prying eyes from the press. Molly, clad in a long dress, her head bandaged and arms adorned with medical armbands could neither move nor concentrate on the proceedings.

A heavy silence enveloped the room as soon as people present caught a glimpse of her, breaking down in tears at the sight of the accused.

Molly Katanga was formally informed of the grave charges levied against her – the murder of her late husband, Henry Katanga.

Molly Katanga’s lawyers led by Peter Kabatsi pleaded with the court to grant the family access to the deceased's home, sealed off since the murder, denying anyone entry.

The defence sought court intervention for improved prison facilities and access to Molly, still under monitoring after undergoing three recent surgeries.

According to the prosecution, Molly Katanga, in a recorded statement, revealed going to bed with her husband on 1st Nov 2023 but losing consciousness, only regaining it when she found herself bedridden and admitted to the hospital.

Molly Katanga obtained serious head injuries.

Subsequently, Katanga's widow was gently carried into a prison ambulance and driven off to Luzira prisons, where she now awaits the unfolding trial.

The high court is poised to reconvene on 29th Jan 2024, with the weighty task of hearing bail applications for five individuals implicated in the murder of Henry Katanga, including the deceased's widow and their two children.

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