Masaka Boda Boda riders in fear over new wave of thefts

Masaka Boda Boda riders in fear over new wave of thefts
Boda boda riders in Masaka City

In Masaka city, Boda Boda riders are living in constant fear as a disturbing surge in motorcycle thefts has swept through the community.

Reports from several victims shed light on the evolving tactics employed by the boda boda thieves.

Kagagga Emma, a Boda Boda rider in Masaka, shared his own harrowing experience.

“The thieves tie a rope around the rider's neck and forcibly take away the motorcycle,” he reveals.

Another victim, Yasin Muwesi, who not only rides a Boda Boda but also serves as the village defence secretary for Soweto Village in Masaka, said others now employ poison, cunningly placing it in drinks to incapacitate their victims.

“Once the rider is drugged, the criminals swiftly make off with the stolen motorcycle.”

Local sources from various boda stages within Masaka city have reported 11 motorcycle thefts in just one month, a significant increase compared to the previous year when the police in greater Masaka recorded reported limited cases of Boda Boda theft.

Boda boda riders have called on authorities to act fast to address the rising menace which, they say, is getting out of hand.


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