Resident challenges Serere District Council over creation of Kateta County

Resident challenges Serere District Council over creation of Kateta County
Henry Opio, Serere District Council Speaker,

Samuel Otaala, a resident of Kyere Sub County, has filed a petition challenging the Serere District Council's decision to create Kateta County from Serere County. The Council, in a resolution passed on December 21, 2023, approved the formation of Kateta County, encompassing Kyere, Kateta, Kyere Town Council, and Ochaapa Town Council. However, it excluded Atiira, Olio, and Serere Town Council from the new county's boundaries.

Otaala, a former Serere MP candidate, argues against the inclusion of Kyere Sub County and Town Council within Kateta County. He maintains that Kyere's substantial population merits independent county status. Additionally, Otaala claims the decision to merge Kyere with Kateta was made without consulting the affected sub-counties.

"We do not oppose the Council's resolution to elevate Kateta Sub County to county status," the petition states. "However, we find the decision to merge Kyere Sub County with Kateta to be erroneous and based on invalid grounds."

According to district projections for 2020, Kateta Sub County boasts the highest population in Serere district with 67,770 residents, followed by Kyere Sub County with 59,687 and Bugondo with 44,217. The district, currently comprising 15 sub-counties and town councils, already encompasses three counties—Serere, Kasilo, and Pingire—with a projected total population of 356,300 as of 2020.

In response, Henry Opio, Serere District Council Speaker, dismisses the petition as being grounded in false claims motivated by individual interests. Opio asserts that the creation process was thoroughly communicated to all lower local government councils.

During the recent Serere County by-election, the National Resistance Movement (NRM) Secretariat team, represented by Rosemary Sseninde and Emmanuel Dombo, raised concerns regarding the expansiveness of the constituency and advocated for the district to consider creating a new one.

Alongside the establishment of Kateta County, the Serere District Council also approved the creation of nine additional sub-counties and town councils, bringing the total number to 24 pending confirmation by the Ministry of Local Government.

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