Everyone is capable of cheating


Cheating is not a gender thing. It is not something people make by mistake. When someone decides to step out of their main situation, they have thought about it and finally given in to the temptation.

Everyone is capable of cheating. It takes the right or wrong situation to be there. When you put yourself in a compromising situation, you are capable of stepping and eating out. It is not rocket science.

People misuse God’s name in trying to prove that they can't cheat because they love their person too much. Everyone was once there. There was a time when everyone swore that they were done. It takes right or wrong situation to get there.

If you put yourself in a compromising situation, you will end up cheating. It takes planning to actually get to the act. Why are you texting your ex after you have had a fight with your current? Why do you keep comparing your past to your present?

The moment you choose to make someone uncomfortable, they will choose whether they want to find peace somewhere else or work things out. Some people cheat because they are not getting some. Others cheat emotionally because the main is insufficient in that regard.

Most men cheat just to feel something different. When the main is acting like she has Paris in between her legs, the man finds a comfortable Kampala and relaxes there for a minute until Paris gets rid of her mood-swinging bedbugs.

When it is always issue after issue at home, people step out to make memories. When you are busy quarreling about every small thing, your person is revisiting these memories and just watching your lips move.

When you are no longer emotionally available for your person, they will find that somewhere else. When was the last time you had an emotional conversation with your main? Like really talking about how you feel?

Also, note that the moment you start cheating, your person will soon follow suit. It is what it is. You might never know but they will do it.

Women always know when their man is cheating. They will figure it out eventually. Some will find out why their man started cheating and fix that part of them, others will try to fight the other woman but most women will cheat back. Revenge lives more on the female side of life.

The more you hang out in compromising situations, the more you are likely to find a reason to cheat.

Till next time, don't cheat.

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