West Nile Police Boss defiles one -year old girl, arrested


By Nalwadda Nsangi 

Police in Arua City are holding one of their own officers for allegedly defiling a girl aged One year and Nine months.

An inspector of Police, heading the West Nile Region Police Standards Unit, Otim Thomas, a 49-year-old, was arrested for alleged defilement, a crime they say he committed on Independence Day.

According to Nasima Rachael, the mother of the girl, Otim, who has been her neighbour for about seven years, came back to the police barracks at around midday and called her daughter as has been the habit.

“He has been friendly to children yet his intentions were evil. When he called my daughter, this time she refused to respond, he went away but after a few moments, he returned. She insisted on not going with him but on the third attempt, Otim carried her," she explained.

Nasima says that moments after, she heard a loud scream and instructed her older sons to follow up to find out what had happened to the young one.

“When he took her, it did not even take two minutes, I told my boys to get her but Otim refused to give her to them and rushed to the canteen to buy her soda. When the boys told me, I hurried towards Otim to get my daughter because that cry was unusual, I knew something had happened, it was a cry of pain," she intimated.

She adds that the girl told her that Otim had done something to her.

“When we were in the kitchen, my daughter told me in her words, ‘Uncle touch my bud’, she kept repeating the same until I checked her. I discovered that something had gone wrong with my small girl. I called her father and I was told to take her to the referral hospital, after examination, it showed that the girl had been tempered, her privates were red and she had a tear on the virginal wall," she added.

The West Nile regional police spokesperson, Josephine Angucia has confirmed the arrest and says that police have kicked off the investigation as procedures to protect the child from any possible infection have been taken.

“the child has already been put on Post-exposure prophylaxis as we do for any case of defilement or rape," Angucia confirmed.

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