If you have nudes on your phone, please delete them!


By a show of hands, how many people have recorded themselves doing something sexual? It is 2022. No one should judge anyone for recording a video or taking a nude and sharing it.

Relationships have become very open about things like sharing nudes. Long-distance relationships survive because of those moments shared on video or pictures taken to show what they are missing.

When someone is on a video call, and things get heated, they choose to trust the person on the other side and want to give them a piece of them as a show of intimacy to keep the relationship alive.

When someone takes a picture of their body part to share it, in that moment, they are only thinking about making the day of the other person better. They are trying to show how their body reacts whenever they talk to them.

And then some people pose for their person and take pictures of them so that they take a piece of them wherever they are going.

No one should judge anyone who has taken a nude, recorded a video, or been on a video call in a compromising situation. All these are in-the-moment situations.

Love and horn will make people do things without necessarily thinking of the consequences. When someone is horny, it is like an itch, and all they want to do is stretch and scratch that part.

People are trying to make sure that they keep their relationships interesting. They decide to share a part of themselves in the most vulnerable positions, and then the evil in some people decides to make that a public moment.

A sex video or a nude shows how human the other person is. It shows that they allowed to be vulnerable and trusted the wrong person in a very private and intimate moment.

Before you leak that very intimate and private moment a person shared, know that it won't hurt just that person. It will hurt generations. It will hurt everyone related to them, and worst of all, the internet never forgets.

When a fool leaks someone’s intimate moment, they are only thinking about hurting the other person. In that moment of anger, they make a very stupid decision that ends up gagging a person's entire life.

When a relationship ends, the first thing one should do is get rid of parts of the other person they shared in vulnerability. Protect the person you once claimed to love by getting rid of those pictures.

Things are never deleted for good, but for your own sanity and peace of mind, let it not be you that destroyed a life because you decided to ‘expose’ another human being. Karma will come for you in double figures.

People are choosing to stay away from video sex, nudes, and recording moments because a few fools have decided to live up to their stupidity.

Relationships are now guarded because people don't know what the other person is doing on the other side of the phone. It is just very sad. It is not worth it.

Let's condemn anyone who has exposed a person in the most vulnerable position. Bodies yarn for intimacy, and however someone decides to scratch that itch, let them. Delete the evidence and move on with your life.

That speaker chose to trust the person on the other side of the phone. They screen-recorded and decided to shock the world with her vulnerability. That video only shows that the SA Speaker is human. Nothing else.

So before you hit that send button to share with the boys how she looked in the video, know that it doesn't end with her. The pain only starts with her and spreads through generations.

Till next time, don't be stupid. If it is over, delete those pictures and videos.

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