Kadaga blasts European MPs over homosexuality


The Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga has blasted the president of the Inter Parliamentary Union (IPU) Gabriella Barroza for trying to smuggle a motion on homosexuality on the agenda of the IPU summit without the consent of both Arab and African representatives.

The tough talking Kadaga told the summit in Geneva, Switzerland that says efforts by the European countries to legalise the practice of homosexuality will lead Uganda and other countries opposed to the vice withdraw from the Inter- Parliamentary Union.

Kadaga's exploits breathed life in the 138th Inter Parliamentary Union summit that concluded on Wednesday

The motion on homosexuality exposed the sharp divisions between members from Africa and Asia on one side and their European counterparts.

Kadaga who led Uganda's delegation criticised Barroza for not consulting Africa and Asia on the homosexuality motion.

"This is not fair. We cannot allow it,"she said threatening that Africa and Asia would withdraw from the union.

She reminded them that this same issue left the Anglican Church divided.

This is the second time that a motion on legalising homosexuality an IPU summit has been put on the agenda. It was put on the agenda a couple of years ago at a union summit in Canada and was dropped at it was vehemently opposed.


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