How to 'go down' on your partner real good (R18)


The mouth is for eating. That is a given. All kinds of eating, 'he' forgot to add. Whether it is the going down on someone's child kind of eating, or not.

In recent times, men have mastered the art of going down on women. Especially men that have been with quite a number of women.

There are rules on this act. The first time you experience this exotic foreplay will teach you that it is the ultimate foreplay. And to some, it has replaced the first round.

If going down on someone goes wrong, you will wish for the world to swallow you. You might never get yourself to try it out ever again. That said;

If you expect intimacy but most especially someone going down on you, clean your house before you have guests over. Tidy up.

No one wants to be swimming in a dirty forest. This rule applies to human beings and not any gender.

There are stages to blowing. Do not, out of excitement, just shove your machine gun down her throat. All the stages are controlled by the person giving head.

If she knows what she is doing, she will know when to slow down and speed up. It all takes time and experience. Do not expect a Miss D in every woman you meet.

DO NOT involve TEETH at any time. I know some choochkies feel like burgers, but do not be out there trying to bite. It hurts.

And to the women, that is a piece of candy. The only way to offer extreme sweetness is really by sucking on it. No teeth.

Do not over spit because instead of enjoying your partner will start thinking that they are not clean enough.

In case things don't go well, be extremely courteous with constructive criticism. Instead of lashing out with sarcasm, tell them how you want it.

They don't call it a job for nothing. That job is a lot of activity for one mouth to take on, so at any one moment when they decide to stop, do not question why they went for it in the first place.

If your partner decides to resign from that job at any point, you are not allowed to get angry.

Do not cum into somebody's mouth unannounced. In between the moans (they are not blowing a tree, cheer them on) and sweetness, find a second to let your person know that it is about to go down.

For women who squirt, you do not want to drown someone's child. Much as some women will feel when he is about to let go, make sure you tell her. She might not be the type that swallows. And that's okay.

When she is busy making you the happiest man alive in that moment, don't grab a woman by the head and start physically pushing her head down your machine gun. It's irritating.

For the love of a healthy sex life, don't assume that things are all finished just because you finished.

Going down on someone is pretty altruistic by design. It does not mean the sex is over because the person on the receiving end comes. Give a little, get a little.

Till next time, go by his office and blow him under the desk and wish him a good day.

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