How Prophet Mbonye foretold Sunak ouster, Assange release

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How Prophet Mbonye foretold Sunak ouster, Assange release
Prophet Elvis Mbonye

Uganda’s Prophet Elvis Mbonye has had yet another of his global prophecies come to a stunning fulfilment over the past few weeks.

On Tuesday, January 2, this year he foretold of a “sudden onset of pressure” and subsequent removal of British Conservative Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and the prophecy came to pass this month following a snap election.

Sunak stepped down on Friday, July 5, ending 14 years of Conservative rule in the UK. His exit followed a tumultuous period marked by internal party strife and significant electoral challenges.

Five months earlier, in January, Prophet Mbonye told his congregation about an impending “destabilisation in the UK” which he saw while praying.

“While in prayer… I gazed toward the UK and saw a great destabilization… a sudden pressure upon their current Prime Minister,” he said.

“There was chaos, but what my eyes saw was something that could easily take that nation to negativity. I saw him (Sunak) getting removed which was surprising given how he came in. You better tell those guys to prepare.”

Sunak’s ouster indeed was a shock to many despite the boiling tensions in his party.

Last weekend, the election winner Sir Keir Starmer assumed office as the British Premier.

Julian Assange

On the same day, January 2, 2024, Prophet Mbonye also foretold the surprise release of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

While in prayer, Mbonye said he “saw news clips about Julian Assange.”

“I saw him dressed in a greenish coat. What I felt was a turning point; an end of something and a beginning of something new. I also saw some international leaders use this day as a popularity stunt.”

Late last month Assange made it back to his home country in Australia having spent nearly 14 years in British captivity.

He was embroiled in a fierce legal battle against his extradition to the United States where he was wanted for among other things “breaking into conspiring to break into the US military databases to acquire sensitive information.

In 2010, Mr Assange’s WikiLeaks published a video from a US military helicopter which showed civilians being killed in the Iraqi capital Baghdad.

He also leaked thousands of confidential documents which suggested that the US military had killed hundreds of civilians in unreported incidents during the war in Afghanistan.

His release last month came as a shock to his supporters with Australian Senator Alex Antic describing the news as a “great surprise.”

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