Mubaje warns Muslims against politicking at burials

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Mubaje warns Muslims against politicking at burials
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The Mufti of Uganda, Sheikh Shaban Ramadhan Mubaje, has asked the muslim community to refrain from politicking at burials.

Mubaje stated that such behavior is unacceptable, especially during the trying moments when families are mourning their loved ones.

Mubaje made these remarks during the funeral of Dr. Ashad Ssentongo Lutale, a member of the Uganda muslim supreme council (UMSC) management committee.

He noted that Dr. Lutale's passing comes at a time when both UMSC and the entire Muslim fraternity greatly needed his intellectual and scholarly contributions to serve Islam and Uganda.

Mubaje revealed that the late Ssentongo was his former student and one of the pioneer 80 students admitted to IUIU when it officially opened in 1988. He praised Ssentongo's brilliance and discipline, which enabled him to reach great heights in academia.

Expressing deep sadness at Ssentongo's passing, Mubaje recalled his roles as a special nominee to the UMSC National Executive, a General Assembly representative, and the head of the Planning Sub-Committee.

"We are indeed sad that knowledge is being buried," Mufti Mubaje observed, referencing Ssentongo's recent presentation during the commemoration of the Muslim Martyrs at the UMSC headquarters.

He implored the Muslim faithful to emulate Ssentongo and avoid politicking at burials.

Minsa Kabanda, Minister for Kampala Metropolitan, called upon Muslims to strengthen brotherhood.

UMSC National Chairperson Prof. Dr. Muhammad Lubega Kisambira emphasized the sense of unity.

Hadji Abbas Mulubya Ssekyanzi, an official from UMSC, shared childhood memories of the late Ssentongo, noting their long journey together.

The Army and Police force paid tribute to Dr. Ssentongo for his contributions to their operational doctrines. Mwasa Muhammad, speaking on behalf of the bereaved family, highlighted Dr. Ssentongo's role as the heir of his late father, Lutale.

Dr. Ssentongo, born in 1965 and survived by two widows and seven children, was buried at his ancestral home in Lubugo village, near Kibibi Trading Centre in Butambala District.

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