Mubaje warns West Nile Muslims against joining Ssemambo

Mubaje warns West Nile Muslims against joining Ssemambo
Mufti Mubaje

Sheikh Shaban Ramadhan Mubaje, the embattled Mufti of Uganda, has issued a warning to Muslims in West Nile against joining the acting Mufti of Uganda, Sheikh Abdallah Ssemambo.

He made the remarks during his speech at the Swalatul Janaz, special prayers held for the departed soul of Haj Musa Noor Gule at the National Mosque.

Mubaje (infront of chair) leads prayers

"I implore the Muslims of the West Nile region not to heed the propaganda and lies spread by a group of misguided individuals who thrive in confusion and conflict," he emphasised.

He discouraged joining such factions, known for hurling insults at the Mufti during social events, including burials.

"Those who instigate hate and sow discord among the faithful will never find a place within the UMSC," Mubaje vowed.

He urged Muslims to live in accordance with Islamic teachings, emphasizing the importance of righteousness.

The Mufti supported his speech with a Quranic verse emphasizing the inevitability of death, highlighting the importance of striving for good deeds leading to eternal life.

He paid tribute to the late Haj Musa Noor Gule for his exemplary life, touching many lives and promoting benevolent Islamic activities in the West Nile region and beyond.

The Mufti also acknowledged Gule's unwavering support towards UMSC as a unifying body for all Muslims.

The late was praised for his passionate heart and charitable deeds, acknowledging him as a colleague, brother, entrepreneur, and philanthropist.

Speaking on behalf of the family, the late Gule's brother described him as a God-fearing individual who succumbed to a stroke.

Sheikh Ssemambo was appointed as the acting Mufti to replace Mubaje.

This decision was made during a special session of the UMSC general assembly held at Gangu Muslim Primary School in Wakiso district.

The appointment followed a court order authorizing a special session to discuss the state of the UMSC and submit a report to the court.

The controversy surrounding the Mufti's position has its roots in various events, including the review of the UMSC constitution, the election period, and the December 2022 general assembly.

Conflicts emerged between the Hussein Bassajabala faction, led by Abdul Kyimba, and the Mubaje faction during the assembly.

"Bassajabala sought to reclaim the position of chairperson but faced opposition due to his previous impeachment, which rendered him ineligible under the UMSC constitution."

Despite Sheikh Ssemambo's appointment, the UMSC has recently reassured the Muslim community that Mubaje remains the Mufti of Uganda, regardless of the recent developments.

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