Ssemogerere calls an end to atrocities in Christmas sermon

Ssemogerere calls an end to atrocities in Christmas sermon
Archbishop Ssemogerere during the Christmas Day service (Photo by Francis Isaano)

In a solemn gathering at Rubaga Cathedral, the Christmas celebrations were overshadowed by concerns over prevalent atrocities, including corruption, insolence to the rule of law, intolerance, and extortion.

The Archbishop Paul Semogerere, in his homily, urged Christians to uphold the greatest gift—love—for one another.

Amidst the festive ambience, clergy, Buganda Kingdom officials, central government representatives, and the faithful congregated to mark the joyous occasion.

Archbishop Semogerere highlighted vices like corruption, intolerance, and extortion as contradictions to Christian teachings.

Rubaga South MP Aloysious Mukasa, decried the deepening tribalism penetrating key institutions.

He pointed to its presence in the judiciary, police, contract acquisition, and scholarships.

Prince David Wasajja, reading a message from the Kabaka, expressed concern over the misuse of social media leading to increased immorality.

The Kabaka also called on the government to support farmers in finding markets and suitable prices.

Archbishop Semogerere emphasized the need for equal treatment, humility, compassion, and love among Christians to foster a just and sane society.

State Minister for Higher Education, John Chrysestom Muyingo, representing the central government, urged parents to instill Christian values in their children during the holiday season and emphasized the importance of following up on government programs to alleviate poverty.

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