25 Questions I have for Jesus this Christmas

25 Questions I have for Jesus this Christmas
Questions I would like to ask Jesus

By Sarah Ngabi

Seeing as Jesus is the reason for the season, here are 25 questions I’d ask if I met him.

1. So what’s Heaven really like?

2. Do you guys decorate for Christmas?

3. What’s your favourite Christmas memory?

4. Have you met Santa? What did you ask for this year?

5. If you could give one person a Christmas present, what would it be?

6. Favourite Christmas Carol?

7. Do you read your Bible?

8. Coffee or tea?

9. Are you a Mama or Daddy's boy?

10. Some kids would like to know if you ever fought over toys.

11. And did the dog eat your homework too?

12. Are you a cat or dog person?

13. Earlybird or night owl?

14. Do you have beef with anyone?

15. What makes you cry?

16. Do you really see everything on Earth from up there?

17. Favourite Superhero?

18. Favourite TV Show?

19. You’re a miracle worker but do you secretly fancy magic?

20. Everybody has a best friend. Who’s yours?

21. What drives you?

22. Your dream car?

23. What’s your full name?

24. You can’t pass this one. Team Messi or Ronaldo?

25. And your sheep are dying to know this. When are you coming back?

So what would you ask Jesus?

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