Men's Rugby 7 face heatwave, high expectation scrums at Africa Games

Men's Rugby 7 face heatwave, high expectation scrums at Africa Games
The Rugby Sevens team in Ghana

As the morning sun beat down relentlessly, casting a scorching glow over the training grounds, the Uganda men’s rugby 7’s team found themselves on the precipice of a new challenge.

With beads of sweat trickling down their brows, they stood poised to make their debut at the 13th African Games, despite the oppressive heat.

Their journey to this moment had been fraught with both triumphs and setbacks.

Just days prior, they had set their sights on the HSBC World Rugby Sevens Challenger Series, only to fall short in a heart-wrenching defeat to Germany during the tournament in Uruguay.

Despite the disappointment, they refused to be deterred, viewing each obstacle as a stepping stone towards greatness.

Under the guidance of their coach Tolbert Onyango, the team convened for their final training session, the air thick with determination and resolve.

Philip Wokorach takes a breather during training in the intense heat in Ghana

With sweat pouring off their bodies, they honed their skills, their focus unwavering as they prepare to face off against Zimbabwe and Tunisia in their opening matches.

Philip Wokorach, an experienced player of the game, spoke of their journey thus far, his voice carrying the weight of their collective ambition.

“It’s been a long road,” he remarked, “but we’ve grown stronger with every challenge. We’re here to correct our mistakes and emerge victorious.”

Their preparation had been nothing short of grueling, a relentless marathon of training sessions and games that had taken them from the fields of Uruguay to the sweltering heat of Ghana.

Yet, amidst the adversity, they found strength in the bonds forged through shared hardship, drawing power from their collective resilience.

As they await their moment on the grand stage of the African Games, head coach Tolbert Onyango reflected on their journey.

“We’ve faced tough times,” he mused, “but we’ve emerged stronger because of it. We’re ready for whatever comes our way.”

The Uganda men’s 7’s team is ready to write the next chapter of their journey. With hearts united and spirits ablaze, they embrace the challenge before them.

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