Lydia Nakidde achieves personal best at Africa Games

Lydia Nakidde achieves personal best at Africa Games
Lydia Nakidde

At the 13th African Games, Lydia Nakidde achieved a personal best in the 64kg category, scoring a total of 160 points.

Despite facing tough competition, she demonstrated her skill and determination, finishing 6th in the snatch event with a lift of 70kg, and 5th in the clean and jerk, lifting 90kg.

The top positions in the category were dominated by Nigerian Ruth Ayodele, who claimed first place with an impressive lift of 208 kilos, followed closely by Tunisia's Chaima Rahmoni with 203kg, and Algeria's Cherara Ikram in third place with 178kg.

Reflecting on her performance, Nakidde expressed satisfaction with her progress, having added 10 kilos to her lifts compared to previous competitions.

“I managed to increase my snatch by 5 kilos and clean and jerk by 5 kilos. The competition provided me with valuable experience and helped me improve my technique," she shared.

However, Nakidde faced challenges during the event, particularly due to a shoulder injury.

"The injury made it tough for me out there," she admitted, highlighting the physical toll of competitive weightlifting.

In other weight categories, Uganda has also seen success, clinching a silver medal in the 55kg weight category.

The impressive performance included a bronze medal in the snatch event, with a lift of 90kg, and a silver medal in the clean & jerk, hoisting 120kg.

Looking ahead, Steven Ojede is set to compete in the 96kg category on Wednesday, March 13, aiming to continue Uganda's strong showing in the competition.

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