Stay away from army attire- Gen Nalweyiso warns Alien Skin

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Stay away from army attire- Gen Nalweyiso warns Alien Skin
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Senior military officer, Lt Gen Proscovia Nalweyiso has issued a warning to singer Alien Skin and other musicians about wearing military attire.

Alien Skin has been seen in public multiple times wearing camouflage clothing that resembles army uniforms, causing concern among some Ugandans.

In a recent interview, Nalweyiso expressed her worry about Alien's choice of attire and advised him to refrain from wearing military uniforms.

She suggested that if he wants to wear such clothing, he should undergo military training and join the army.

“Alien Skin, do not wear army uniforms. If you want to, get military training. We have many training schools. He can enlist in the army. Stay away from our combat. I know he has fans, but they should support him when he is not in army uniform,” Gen Nalweyiso said

She also urged the relevant army authorities to step in and address this issue.

Nalweyiso also cautioned celebrities, particularly musicians, who associate with unruly groups dubbed “Eggaali” when attending events.

In recent times, musicians have been known to move with gangs claiming security concerns.

Reports have surfaced that some members of these groups engage in theft from attendees.

Nalweyiso advised artists to avoid such gangs and reassured that she would take action to stop this emerging trend.

She warned musicians, saying, "Stop this behavior. If you cannot control your groups, then get rid of them. We do not want such activities in our country. We do not approve of your actions."

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