Viana Indi: An Unstoppable Star on the Rise

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Viana Indi: An Unstoppable Star on the Rise
Viana Indi with her newly acquired whip!

Fast-rising media personality Viana Indi is on a roll! Despite a recent Boda Boda accident that left her bedridden for days, Viana has bounced back with a bang. She has just unveiled a brand new Subaru worth a whopping 50 million Shillings, a testament to her dedication and perseverance.

As a TV presenter and radio show host at Next Media, Viana's talent and passion have endeared her to many. A recent tweet by Rickman Manrick following his interview on the Next Brunch on Next Radio with Viana depicted professionalism and respect while maintaining her curiosity and intrigue. The Next Brunch happens every weekday from 10 am to 1 pm both 106.1 Next Radio & Pulse Radio.

Viana Indi posing for a picture during her Next Brunch show on 106.1 Next Radio

And that's not all - she has also recently signed a multi-million influencer deal with Irish Whiskey brand Jameson, pushing her to even greater heights! With her career soaring and her influence expanding, Viana is an inspiration to her fans and a reminder that hard work and determination can lead to achieving even the most ambitious goals.

Viana Indi is one of the most anticipated Next Radio talent showcasing her vivacious skills every time she is on one of the biggest events and stages in the country. Her fans have become undeniably some of the most consistent listeners to Next Radio, leading to the nickname within the team “Beyonce Waffe”!

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