Axon, Kashushu and Denim Cartel lined up for Guinness Bright House

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Axon, Kashushu and Denim Cartel lined up for Guinness Bright House
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Guinness Bright House has unveiled a lineup of creatives and artists set to headline its Fashion, Art, and Music Edition slated for June 29, 2024.

Off the Brands Black Shines Brightest Campaign, the Guinness Bright House has become a beacon for cultural expression and artistic excellence, offering a platform for both established and emerging talents to collaborate and showcase their work.

Slated to be held at the Garden City Rooftop, this edition promises to be a creative explosion featuring some of the coolest trendsetters in the industry.

Below are the dynamic individuals headlining the June edition.

Natasha Karungi (Kashushu)

Natasha Karungi, also known as Kashushu, is a Ugandan digital artist whose innovative use of lines, patterns, and geometric shapes brings human figures and landscapes to life in vibrant visual stories.

Her work thrives in the digital space, showcased through social media, NFTs, and metaverse exhibitions, as well as limited-edition physical prints and product designs.

With a portfolio that spans national and international exhibitions and art residencies since 2021, Natasha is a trailblazer in the digital art space.

At the Guinness Bright House, she will lead a Digital Art Master Class, offering guests the unique opportunity to collaborate on a live digital piece and explore the limitless possibilities of digital art. Natasha’s mission is to inspire fellow artists to pursue their dreams and to elevate the standing of digital art in Africa during this digital renaissance.


The Ugandan music industry is on an impressive rise, and among the new generation of stars, Axon shines brightly. Known for his distinctive fusion of musical styles, Axon’s extensive training in sound engineering has equipped him with a deep understanding of production.

He is the celebrated producer behind many of raising star Joshua Baraka’s hits, including "Daliliah."

The remix of "Daliliah" has garnered attention from Nigerian stars like Qing Madi and Simi, further cementing Axon’s reputation as a leading producer in the industry.

At the Guinness Bright House, Axon will host a music master class and collaborate with an emerging artist to produce a new track.

His philosophy of refusing to be pigeonholed into a single genre and his commitment to nurturing young talent make this session a must-attend.

“My production reflects my current inspirations,” says Axon, who aims to inspire the new urban wave of creatives to develop unique talents for both the local and international markets.

Through his collaboration with Guinness Bright House, Axon will provide invaluable opportunities in production for young artists.

Denim Cartel

Troy Elimu aka Denim Cartel, is a visionary denim fashion designer based in Kampala, Uganda. His passion for upcycling and repurposing denim transforms waste into unique, eco-friendly garments that tell a story.

Troy’s designs blend traditional Ugandan culture with modern style, making him a pioneer in sustainable fashion.

At the Guinness Bright House, Troy will lead a fashion master class, sharing his expertise on creating wearable art that harmonizes style and environmental responsibility.

His dedication to sustainability and creativity has not only revolutionized the Ugandan fashion scene but also inspired a new generation of designers to adopt eco-friendly practices.

For creatives in fashion, art, and music, the Guinness Bright House slated for June 29 promises to be the perfect place to be.

According to the organisers, this event will provide revelers a chance to learn from and collaborate with trailblazers Natasha Karungi, Axon, and Denim Cartel.

The three will be flanked by a bevy of other creatives that will be exhibiting and showcasing their craft on the D-Day.

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