I'm half a man because I'm single – Bajjo

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I'm half a man because I'm single – Bajjo
The gods must come to Bajjo's heart

This is not about an event being organised by Bajjo Events but in his life. Andrew Mukasa, better known as Bajjo of Bajjo Events, is a well-known figure for organising large-scale events, including concerts, cultural festivals, and sports activities recently took to formerly Twitter now X to share a heartfelt personal confession that offers a glimpse into his private life.

In his latest tweet, Bajjo stated, "I swear if I get a lover, I will never mistreat her. I have learnt from my past mistakes. Getting money is very easy than getting a marriage material wife. Men never mistreat ur woman it's the only gold you have now. I am half a man coz of being single."

This candid post highlights a side of Bajjo that many might not be familiar with—the challenges and introspections that come with his personal relationships.


Known for his high-energy events and partnerships with various cultural institutions, Bajjo's admission sheds light on his struggles with finding a lasting romantic relationship; our scoops reveal clearly not he is not alone in this.

Bajjo's reflection on past mistakes indeed suggests a journey of personal growth and self-awareness. His commitment to treating a future partner with respect and care indicates a deep understanding of the value of relationships.

He emphasizes the rarity and preciousness of finding a "marriage material" wife, contrasting it with the relative ease of making money.

This vulnerability is a stark contrast to Bajjo's public persona as a robust event promoter. His tweet serves as a reminder that personal fulfillment often transcends professional success.

Despite his accomplishments in the entertainment industry, Bajjo's declaration, "I am half a man coz of being single," speaks volumes about the importance he places on companionship and emotional connection.

We hope Bajjo Events hope he finds his queen soon. Until then, may he stay strong and avoid any missteps, because every knight needs a castle and a bit of patience to find his crown jewel.

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