I'm a big fish - Ashburg Kato

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I'm a big fish - Ashburg Kato
It is the political season and Ashburg Kato is making a comeback

Blogger Ashiraf Ndagimana Gatto, aka Ashburg Kato has boldly asserted his substantial impact and importance in the political arena.

"I'm a big fish,"Ashburg crowned himself.

He sees himself as a forward-thinking, innovative individual with solutions for the future.

Formerly a fervent supporter of Robert Kyagulanyi, aka Bobi Wine, and his then People Power movement, Ashburg famously shifted camp to become a vocal advocate for the ruling National Resistance Movement.

Also once known for his strong presence and mobilisation power on social media, Ashburg's sudden 'disappearance' left many wondering about his whereabouts.

The mystery was solved when a photo of him gardening at his farm surfaced, surprising many netizens.

Some speculated that he had lost momentum however in an exclusive interview, Ashburg confidently shared his unfazed stance, expressing pride in his agricultural pursuits on his vast land.

In the exclusive on Sanyuka TV, Ashburg confidently forecasts that the President Museveni will sweep the 2026 election and also reclaim the NRM power in Buganda, despite the notable popularity for the National Unity Platform (NUP) in the central region.

He believes that people have become aware of what he describes as NUP's theatrics and opposition at large.

Furthermore, Ashburg pointed out that the biggest and real opposition party in the country is the Patriotic League of Uganda.

Despite his significant political influence, Ashburg clarified that he has no intention of running for any political office. He sees himself as a chief strategist, preferring to focus on strategizing rather than active leadership.

Ashburg also expressed his desire to meet President Museveni and directly request a personal acknowledgment, stating that those who work on his behalf often fail to deliver his messages.

He affirmed his commitment to NRM and his intention to work for the government. Ashburg celebrated music promoter Balaam's ministerial appointment, describing it as well-deserved and long overdue, and he offered his support and ideas to him.

Despite the challenges and minced narratives being peddled, Ashburg remains committed to his political beliefs and his agricultural endeavors, showcasing his adaptability and resilience.

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