Gitere: Sir Kisoro brings vibes to environment

Gitere: Sir Kisoro brings vibes to environment
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In his date of birth, 02/02/2000, you see Sir Kisoro's passion for rhyme. He gets this out strongly in his latest single, Gitere, where he lets the vibe flow.

MUSIC | Hayes Willit Mugisha calls himself professionally in the music trade as "Mic Racer". It's a good stage name for a versatile singer with a touch for virtually every genre and sub-genre in Uganda.

Yet both Hayes Willit Mugisha and Mic Racer appear to be dwarfed by "Sir Kisoro". This one is both a title track and a stage name for the same singer.

Sir Kisoro, the song, is an anthem in this contoured part of the southwestern Ugandan district after which the song - or rather the singer - takes the name.

The refrain 'Sir Kisoro', in Kisoro and the neighbouring districts, is gripping. From children to fatigued farmers, to boda boda operators and cows, the sing-along is beautiful.

Sir Kisoro - the song - already has a remix featuring the Rwandan Hip-Hop maestro and hit maker Busahi.

Willit, an all-genre singer, was born 02/02/2000. Had it been 2002 for his year of birth, the rhyme in the pattern of his date of birth would have been too deep to ignore.

Yet even in 02/02/2000, you see this lad's passion for rhyme. He gets this out strongly in his latest single, Gitere, where he lets the vibe flow.

This soulful masterpiece is a testament to his artistry, showcasing a unique blend of emotive lyrics, arrangement and powerful instrumentation.

While the harmony in the melody of Gitere is captivating, it is in Sir Kisoro's laid back vocals that you feel the weight of the song before the various genres marry to blow off the bars.

Gitere is a sonic journey that transcends boundaries, weaving together elements of, Hiphop, Afrobeat and Amapiano, creating an immersive experience for listeners.

Gitere carries a special significance, drawing inspiration from a Runyankore word that translates to "vibe". The song reflects Sir Kisoro's deep connection to the music and his commitment to delivering an authentic and passionate performance and building a community of people who want to make a difference in the arts and climate actions.

Willit's passion for the environment got him hooked to CANMusic, founded by Irish music industry veteran Robert Stephenson.

Stephenson met Willit in Kisoro and saw him in a deeply talented youngster who was humble to a fault and grounded to his roots where nature means life and is protected for that.

"He's doing music to help his communities and engaging his friends in various ways," Stephenson says.

CAN or Climate Action Now, is a new and exciting international label distributed by AWAL / Sony.

CANMusic is on a mission committed to discovering and promoting new musical talents in Africa and bringing awareness of environmental issues to local and world audiences.

It is under this that Sir Kisoro took a poem by pupils of Nkuringo Bright Primary School into the studios for a climate song, Oh Environment.

"Oh Environment is a poem made by children from an orphanage school near Kisoro that we are raising funds and awareness for," Stephenson says.

"This is part of Hayes Willit’s drive as an Climate Actions Now (CAN) ambassador and as the founder and director of CACU (CAN Arts collective Uganda)."

He said Sir Kisoro exudes maturity beyond his age not only through music but also in day-to-day actions.

It was the singer's idea to perform with organisations and raise awareness about climate change.

"You'll never meet him drunk, his passion... he's passionate and conscious about environment and his actions, like when he goes to clubs," the Irishman said.

Like in most of his songs, Sir Kisoro starts 'Gitere' with trademark no-melody-no-lyrics intro before building the beat Hip-Hip that forcefully invites a listener to dig in when his soul-stirring vocals punctuate the sonics.

Mr Stephen Muneza, Sir Kisoro's media manager, says the singer's ability to convey raw emotion through his music sets him apart as a true artist, and "Gitere" is a testament to his dedication to the craft.

Sir Kisoro's recent songs include the dancehall Sugar Baby, Hip-hop Seeta High Chick and Paranoid, rap song Stuck On Ma Pillow, and Afrobeat Wakikuba.

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