Countdown on for Kenneth Mugabi’s Tusker Malt Conversessions debut this Sunday

Countdown on for Kenneth Mugabi’s Tusker Malt Conversessions debut this Sunday
Kenneth Kazibwe

The countdown to another round of heart-to-heart, laughs, truths and revelations is on this Sunday! The fourth act in Season Two of Tusker Malt Conversessions, Kenneth Mugabi is all set to steal the spotlight with his enchanting tunes, and love ballads as he takes the musical stage.

This week, the buzz on social media has been fuelled by Kenneth Mugabi's rehearsal videos, offering a tantalizing sneak peek into what fans and music lovers can expect this Sunday, February 4, on both the Tusker Malt and Swangz Avenue's YouTube channels where his episode will go live.

In the video, Mugabi shares insights into what it means to be a storyteller, owing his success to collaboration. "I gather my guys, the band, and they help me a lot in terms of getting my craft right – spicing things up, eliminating some elements. I listen to stories from people, I listen to new slangs, I combine quite a lot,” he says.

As a storyteller, Mugabi highlights the synergetic relationship between the finely crafted beer, Tusker Malt Lager and having good conversations; “finely crafted beer comes with good conversations, which informs my creative process."

Mugabi’s love ballads resonate with his Ugandan audiences. The artiste is known for infusing local instruments into his soulful sound. As he takes the stage on Sunday, music lovers can anticipate a unique storytelling experience that captures the heart and soul of his artistic journey.

"Kenneth Mugabi is a rare gem in the music industry, and we're thrilled to have him on The Tusker Malt Conversessions. We're grateful to be able to put together such a beautiful production that music lovers won't find anywhere else. This show allows them to appreciate their favourite artistes, their music, and their history, all while enjoying a nice cold Tusker Malt Beer – the perfect pairing for such a setting," said Roy Tumwizere, Tusker Malt Brand Manager.

Log on to the Tusker Malt YouTube Channel this Sunday to witness Kenneth Mugabi's conversessions, motivations, and soul-stirring melodies.

The episode will also be airing on Sunday, February 11 on NBS TV and if you've missed any episodes from Season Two or the inaugural season, worry not, they're all available on-demand on both Tusker Malt and Swangz Avenue's YouTube channels.

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