David Lutalo cancels “Babongote” concert

David Lutalo cancels “Babongote” concert
David Lutalo

The management of Da Hares Music Farm Limited which manages local artist David Lutalo has cancelled the his “Babongote” concert which was set to take place on January 27 2024. at Serena Hotel in Kampala city.

According to the management, the much anticipated concert was cancelled due to the just concluded NAM and G77 + China summits that have been taking place in the country.

“It has come to our notice that international delegates who attended the

mentioned conferences are still utilizing the hotel premises, making it hard for the

organizers to satisfactorily deliver a noteworthy music concert as projected prior.” reads part of the statement

However, Da Hares Music Farm rescheduled this concert to November 8th, 2024 after unanimity with Serena Hotel management.

“We extend our sincere apologies to our fans, sponsors, partners and other pretentious parties for any inconveniences caused. We therefore request that you retain your tickets until the fore-mentioned rescheduled concert date,” Da Hares said

This website has also established that some international visitors are still in the country, occupying the majority of hotels in the city and those upcountry where they went to tour the various game parks as previously encouraged by the government.

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