Alien Skin vs Pallaso: where will you be on Friday? (VIDEO)

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On  Monday night, May 29,  at approximately 8pm, the internet  was awash with a video of what looked like and was later confirmed to be the artiste Pius Mayamja alias Pallaso beating up fellow artiste Alien Skin. In the video,Pallaso is heard almost inaudibly saying that this is  about respect.

Surely Alien Skin must have done something horrific and disrespectful.

Word came out, as it usually does, that Allien Skin had showed up at Pallaso’s rehearsal session and bragged about being a big star and not needing rehearsal.

Pallaso did not like it, a fight ensued and Uganda was in awe!

Musician Pallaso

Knowing Pallaso, I was stunned by this reaction. He must have been stunned himself too as he apologised immediately and urged his fans to forgive his rash decision but still attend the concert.

For you to understand the severety of this fight, you need to understand the brands that were involved.

Pallaso is a Mayanja from the famous music family, an aggressive and very hardworking artiste who won our hearts with his realism and passionate songs. He was the Mayanja who managed to make a name for himself despite having already famous brothers in Chameleon and Weasel.

Alien Skin broke out in the post lockdown era and became an internet sensation overnight.

Musician Alien Skin

His simple, relatable songs about lockdown and having a good time won him many of fans with top charting songs in the country. Alien is also from the ghetto. His reputation as a bad man, not to be messed with is precisely what shocked the world when he took on a beating, silently!

And how wrong were we. Alien came out and announced his concert dates on the same date that Pallaso is set to have his own ‘One Love Concert.’ The country was astonished. We hoped.

It was a joke but Alien was going to have the last laugh. Police cleared his concert and social media was awash with slogana with ‘wuuhuu’ and ‘sityadanger.’

And when he took to the streets and stopped business downtown, it is safe to say that we started to pay attention. Big question though, do the numbers on social media and the streets equate to the actual numbers of people attending the concert?

Holding a concert is a very hard thing to do. The scare is normally around the numbers and filling the venue you have chosen. Very rarely do we measure the success of a concert based on the revenues collected from the said concert, but more on the numbers which very often are measured by the aerial shots of the venue. Often times, even the curtain raisers may not matter, nor do the costumes or band.

A bit of attention is paid to the production, stage and lighting but the bulk is on the numbers. Often times an argument is placed on target audiences and how both show can survive because we have different audiences.

The question now stands, whose audience are you going to be a part of come Friday?

‘Love Fest?’


‘Sitya Danger?’

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