From hitmaker to homeless: Music producer Didi narrates how gov’t ’killed’ his career

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Once one of the biggest music producers of the 2010s, Karim Muchwa alias Producer Didi has cried out for financial assistance after becoming bankrupt and homeless.

At his peak, Didi produced some of the biggest bangers including Eddy Kenzo’s Stamina, Coco Finger’s Emikono Wagulu, Gift of Kado’s Traffic Man Officer, Sizzaman’s Mafalanga among many other hit songs.

However, in a recent interview with a local media, Didi revealed that his dreams shuttered and he is now homeless and cannot afford life anymore.

According to the producer, trouble started in 2014 when he produced ‘Panadol Wa Basajja” a song he was arrested for, on account it contained pornographic content.

He says, upon arrest, authorities confiscated his studio equipment and other items including his cameras, speakers, passport and bank cards.

“The government took everything I had. I was arrested and after, I found all my things had been taken.I had to start from scratch,” he says.

He added that even after he was found innocent, the authorities refused to give him back his equipment and other items, leaving him with no option but to leave the city and go back to the village.

Apparently, he says does a bit of farming and at times goes to nearby local music studios to do some recordings to make a quick buck.

He further narrated that he has been through depression and has had to use drugs at times.

“I have been depressed. I was drinking alcohol but at some point, I had to deal with it after understanding that it was because of the situation. I also tried marijuana at some point,” Didi narrated.

He says the music producers’ association and the artists he did great music for, have not been of help to him, and cried out to the music fraternity and well-wishers to come to his rescue.

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