Government to inject Shs 3 billion in local film industry 


The Minister of State for Gender and Culture, Peace Mutuuzo has revealed that over the next five years, government will inject Shs Shs 3 billion in the film industry as one way of supporting the growth of the sector.

Speaking shortly after the launch of the EU/UNESCO film project that took place in Kampala, Mutuuzo told the Nile Post that the government is committed to supporting the local content.

She made the revelation after the players in the local film industry noted that there is no form of public funding that is specifically dedicated to supporting filmmakers in Uganda.

Due to severe lack of investment in film, they said local filmmakers are forced to produce films on meagre budgets which inevitably affect the quality and market potential of their films.

Other challenges that were listed included; informal professional associations with minimal data collection, limited technical training, limited market, limited access to modern filmmaking equipment among others

In response, Mutuuzo said the government has created a digital platform where artists in the industry can be able to register and upload their intellectual property in terms of films on the national web stream.

"We also have a plan of setting up modern studios such that even an upcoming artist in different domains can access them and do their work and pay slowly. We have now rationalised the different aspects of creative industry and intellectual properties," she said.

Players estimate that the Ugandan film and audiovisual industry employs some 5,000 people directly and 10,000 indirectly. The figures are, however, likely higher given the fact that the sector is largely informal.

The head of European Delegation in Uganda Attilio Pacifici said this project culminated into the identification and implementation of a number of strategic measures aimed at addressing some off the major challenges affecting Uganda’s emerging film sector

He said the project will boost local content development and professionalisation of the film sector in Uganda by creating tax incentive measures and developing skills and networking through the creation and strengthening of professional film associations.

Uganda is one of the 12 countries implementing the 2018/2022 EU/UNESCO Expert Facility Project on the governance of culture in developing countries which seek support the strengthening of policy and regulatory framework for cultural and creative industries in the recipient countries.




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