Movit's annual ramadan food programme: A partnership with Salam TV and Salam Charity

Movit's annual ramadan food programme: A partnership with Salam TV and Salam Charity
Movit Products' Annual Ramadhan Food Programme with Salam TV & Salam Charity

Movit Products, a leading Ugandan company with a footprint across 11 African nations, has reaffirmed its dedication to community welfare through its annual Ramadhan Food Package Programme.

Teaming up with Salam TV and Salam Charity Foundation, Movit Products recently announced its generous donation of food and essential body care items to support the Muslim community during the holy month of Ramadan.

This initiative is a fundamental aspect of Movit's corporate social responsibility, aimed at enhancing the lives of individuals within the communities it operates in.

The company's consistent commitment to giving back has garnered widespread recognition, with this year's Ramadhan donation valued at over 50 million shillings, making a significant impact on hundreds of families during a period of spiritual reflection and communal unity.

As part of the program, Movit Products distributed calendars at the beginning of Ramadhan to aid Muslims in organizing their prayers and fasts effectively.

Esteemed religious leaders from prominent mosques, including Sheikh Ssali Imran and Sheikh Mutyaba Abdulsalamu, expressed profound gratitude for Movit's continuous efforts in uplifting vulnerable populations, highlighting the company's compassion and solidarity with the community.

Movit Products' unwavering commitment to corporate philanthropy, as demonstrated through initiatives like the Ramadhan food package program, instills hope and fosters goodwill among the communities it serves.

This enduring legacy of generosity and compassion is poised to create a lasting impact on those touched by Movit's benevolent actions.

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