Mubaje calls for end to accusations, focus on community property

Mubaje calls for end to accusations, focus on community property
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Sheikh Shaban Ramadhan Mubaje, the Mufti of Uganda, has called upon Muslims in Mityana Muslim District to cease accusations and counter-accusations regarding the ownership of community property, which includes the District Mosque, rental properties, a health centre, and a primary school.

He emphasized the importance of abandoning unnecessary conflicts to foster unity among the community.

This paternal guidance was provided to Muslim leaders, namely Sheikh Bashir Luwenda and Sheikh Maulana Saed Sekanjjanko Mugaya'Ngabo, a Muslim preacher and advocate.

Since the conclusion of the UMSC nationwide general elections in December 2022, the disagreements have caused a division among the faithful.

The District Kadhi has suggested that the disputed properties belong to NAAM, a private entity, while Sheikh Maulana's group claims they belong to UMSC.

Before the Mufti's statement, members from both factions expressed their perspectives on the root cause of the dispute and proposed potential solutions.

Furthermore, the national management, led by His Eminence Sheikh Muhammad Ali Waiswa, advised the conflicting parties to engage in constructive dialogues while awaiting the final decision from the management.

In the meantime, Mufti instructed the UMSC legal team to collaborate with the legal firm retained by Sheikh Maulana's group to secure a caveat on the mentioned properties, pending a mutually agreeable resolution.

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