NUP Grapples with Expansion Woes

NUP Grapples with Expansion Woes
A signpost at the NUP office in Kabale

Uganda's National Unity Platform (NUP) is under fire from analysts for neglecting geographical expansion in favour of internal squabbles. Critics urge NUP to focus on shoring up support in traditionally opposition-leaning regions like eastern and northern Uganda.

The party's current infighting, particularly surrounding leader Bobi Wine and president Mpuga, is seen as a self-inflicted wound. Analysts warn it could erode public trust and even weaken NUP's grip on its central Ugandan base, including the critical Buganda region.

Numbers Aren't Everything:

NUP's past election performance, heavily concentrated in central Uganda, underscores the need for expansion. Analysts caution against prioritizing large but potentially fickle support bases. Instead, they urge NUP to strategically recruit established opposition figures and leverage existing opposition structures in new regions.

NUP's Defense:

NUP spokesperson Waisswa Mufumbiro acknowledges the need for a stronger party network but emphasizes the current focus on purging internal corruption.

The Looming Choice:

NUP faces a critical dilemma: tackle internal issues and risk losing ground in its stronghold, or prioritize expansion and potentially neglect crucial reforms. The party's ability to navigate these challenges will significantly impact its performance in the upcoming 2026 elections.

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