Prof Anthony Mugisha: Makerere finally gets its missing deputy vice-chancellor

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Prof Anthony Mugisha: Makerere finally gets its missing deputy vice-chancellor
Prof Anthony Mugisha is the new deputy vice-chancellor for finance and administration at Makerere University

Anthony Mugisha, a professor of agriculture economics, is the new Makerere University second deputy vice-chancellor.

The Dean of the School of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Resources edged Henry Alinaitwe, a professor of civil and construction engineering, by one vote to be the don in charge finance and administration at the Hill.

In the results announced by the University Council on Tuesday evening, Prof Mugisha polled 31 of the Senate vote to pip Prof Alinaitwe by just one vote, while Bruce Kirenga, an associate professor of pulmonary medicine, tailed with 10 votes.

Prof Mugisha's appointment ends a six-year vacuum after the sit that was punctuated by Prof William Bazeyo's controversial acting in the position for nearly four years.

In 2018, Mugisha and Bazeyo faced off of the substantive position, with both promising to lobby the government to take up the burden of footing the university's entire wage bill.

"There is a loss of university resources. I will look at where the money is disappearing to and act," Mugisha said back then.

Bazeyo was controversially recommended by the Senate search committee chaired by Prof Joseph Mugisha, the principal College of Natural Science, for the substantive position.

However, staff and other stakeholders protested, arguing that the race was pre-determined. Mugisha ran to court.

When Bazeyo's name next came up for the position again, group of former students petitioned court over his attempt to upgrade to a substantive deputy vice-chancellor, leading to his resignation and quitting of the race in 2021.

Makerere then appointed Prof Alinaitwe in acting position.

Earlier this year, however, Bazeyo bounced back after he was nominated by the Council for the position of Chancellor. The final decision of the appointment is to be made by President Museveni.

Meanwhile Prof Mugisha and his two rivals made their presentation to staff, students and members of the public in the School of Public Health Auditorium on Monday, May 13.

In the public presentations organised by the Senate Search Committee, Prof Mugisha indicated he has attracted over $4.5m to the university through his scholarly research and other resource mobilisation engagements.

He pledged to motivate staff, improve working environment, restore mutual respect among staff, ensure timely promotion and improve staff welfare.

Mugisha said his vision was to ensure an efficient, effective, risk averse and sustainable administrative and financial frame-work for Makerere University, that is properly aligned to aggressive resource mobilisation and prudent utilisation to achieve the university mission and vision.

The Deputy Vice Chancellor (DVC) for Finance and Administration oversees the finances and administration of the University.

In this respect, the DVC is responsible for the planning, budgeting and development of the university.

The appointment of Prof Mugisha is a blow to Vice Chancellor Barnabas Nawangwe as it is understood the the agriculturalist has been received the backing of a group of academics who have been challenging the vice-chancellor's authority.

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