UNEB seeks Shs6.5bn for examiners'meals

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UNEB seeks Shs6.5bn for examiners'meals
UNEB Executive Director, Dan Odongo

The Uganda National Examination Board is seeking an additional Shs6.5 billion in its 2024/25 budget to cater to the provision of five daily meals, utilities, and basic health services for examiners and checkers during examination marking.

With only Shs10.2 billion allocated in the budget, there's a shortfall of Shs16.7 billion.

In addition, UNEB is requesting an extra Shs4.6 billion to enhance marking fees for examiners.

Acknowledging the inadequacy of current rates, parliament's Education Committee aims to address the shortage of examiners by ensuring proper compensation.

The same entity requires Shs1.3 billion to bolster security features on result slips issued to learners. These funds will cover ICT consumables for processing and printing examinations, considering the escalating costs.

Similarly, the Ministry of Education is advocating for an additional Shs30.2 billion to facilitate the seamless takeover of 100 secondary schools by communities and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) lacking the financial means to manage them.

Additionally, Shs6.4 billion is needed to support 100 primary schools.

The Parliamentary Committee on Education has been briefed on the ministry's initiative to acquire schools nationwide, with each secondary school costing Shs300 million, and each primary school requiring Shs64 million, totaling to Shs36.3 billion.

However, these funds are not included in the ministry's national budget for 2024/2025.

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