Another Ntare School To Start Operation in Rwanda

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Another Ntare School To Start Operation in Rwanda
Ntare School in Rwanda. Courtesy Photo.

Sooner or later this year, a new Ntare School is set to be opened in Bugesera district in the Eastern province of Rwanda. The construction of this historic academic replica of the historical prestigious Ntare School in Mbarara, western Uganda was inspired by the school having produced two presidents, one of the rarest identities among schools in Uganda.

Located in Musagara Village, Kanazi Cell of Nyamata Sector; the school sits on 40 hectares and is expected to be a modern institution in Africa with international standard catering for both international and national curricula.

According to President Kagame, one of the things that has played a big role in his life is Ntare School.

"Up to this point, since I was born, several things that built me up and one of them is Ntare School," said Kagame while addressing Ntare School Old Boys Association (NSOBA) during the Ntare School League finals in Kigali.

According to various sources, his counterpart president and old boy President Museveni of Uganda supported the Ntare School Rwanda Project.

Brief History of Ntare School (Uganda)

Ntare School was started in 1956 by a Scottish administrator Crichton, who went to the then Ankore Prime Minister, Lazaaro Kamugungunu who donated the whole land where Ntare School is situated. (2006 Golden Roar Magazine)

The Etymology of the school name Ntare roots from the name of the titular King/Crown Prince Ntare IV of Ankore (the Lion) the son of Omugabe Gasyonga II of Ankore.

President Kagame studied at Ntare School from 1972 to 1976 while Museveni was a student at the school from 1962 to 1966.

Ntare School is among the most prestigious schools in Uganda and one of the best in Western Uganda due to the fame and recognition that parents earn in Western Uganda when their sons study from Ntare.

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