Teen mother attending boarding school with baby


A 16 year old mother has been admitted to Kworo High School together with her baby as boarding school occupants in one of the unprecedented moves by both the school and the education sector.

The student, Juliet Katusiime, together with her one-year-old baby are both admitted to the school in Nwoya District for the third term curriculum.

Katusiime narates that she was a victim of mistreatment at her maternal grandmother's home where she was dumped by her mother. It is the situation that made her susceptible to manipulation hence falling for the lies of one of the men around and eloping with him.

She says that when she got pregnant, the man denied being responsible for the pregnancy, leaving her without any moral or financial support.

She was supported by a few family members until the baby was born and she was able to resume her education.

The school administration revealed that they have over 15 adolescent mothers allowed to study with their babies. These young mothers have separate cubicles where they sleep and the babies are catered for while their mothers are in class.

Katusiime has the dreams of becoming a nurse and she is happy because she was allowed to study in a boarding school with her baby. The school management provides her a babysitter.

However, Katusiime is challenged with school fees because her father is unable to provide for her, the baby and her sister who is also in the same school.

The Nwoya district education officer said that the district welcomed the idea of the school and they are working together with them as they have greatly helped in handling the backlog of teen mothers in the district.

The vice chairperson Education Policy Review Commission Dr. Joseph Muvawala commended the school's efforts to brighten the future of these girls, saying that such schools should be supported by the Ministry of Education and Sports.


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