Besigye: Mulwana was born, lived and died in struggle

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Besigye: Mulwana was born, lived and died in struggle
Dr.Kizza Besigye speaks during Adam Mulwana's vigil at Katonga Road in Kampala.

Four time presidential candidate and opposition strongman, Dr.Kizza Besigye has described fallen musician, Adam Mulwana as one who was born, lived and died in the struggle to liberate Uganda from tyranny.

“Adam(Mulwana)  was born in a country that has failed to look after him. He was not able to go school but found his way. He was born in the struggle(NRA bush war). He moved from the village to Kampala and struggled to make ends meet until he came to us. He died in the struggle,” Besigye said.

The opposition strongman and founding Forum for Democratic Change president was speaking during the funeral  of Mulwana at Besigye’s offices along Katonga Road in Kampala.

Mulwana, 36, died Tuesday morning following a sudden ailment, which doctors are yet to confirm.

Mulwana’s Toka kwa Barabara, Swahili for 'get out of the way', became a signature song for the Opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) and its leader Dr. Kizza Besigye as he took a fourth attempt to defeat President Museveni using the ballot.

Speaking on Wednesday, Besigye said Mulwana etched his name among the country’s liberation heroes, noting that whereas he received no medal for this feat, he will always have a special place in the heart of Ugandans, especially the opposition.

“The songs he sang, if he had been in another country, he wouldn’t want to work again. The weight of the songs if had been copyrighted, even his grandchildren would eat off them.”

The opposition kingpin however descried the manner in which the affairs of the country are run, especially the key sectors of the economy which he said ae in shambles, blaming Mulwana’s death, to this state of affairs.

“We are living in a country that can’t look after the health of its people despite the much money we pay to the government. After security, the next thing should be health. After securing the people, the next thing should be ensuring their health. You need a strong system that whenever you fall sick, you are easily diagnosed. Many people who go to hospital are on the verge of death.”


Besigye said the current leaders betrayed the bush war cause , noting that it is high time Ugandans realise this and join hands to cause regime change.

“I left my job in Nairobi where I was earning in dollars and went to the bush. Those who died in the bush are so many. After winning the bushwar, our leaders betrayed  us but we could not accept that.  We didn’t fight for NRA or NRM but rather a new Uganda where everyone has equal opportunities and where everyone is equal before the law.”

Speaking in parables, Besigye stung the Najjanankumbi FDC faction led by Patrick Amuriat for not doing enough to cause change of government in Uganda.

“When a name is dumped into mud, don’t tag along, fight for a new one. Some say they are at headquarters at Najjanankumbi but FDC is not a building, name or address but a new Uganda that works for everyone. If I thought NRM was in my blood, I would be among those who betrayed the country. That’s why when the leaders betrayed the cause, I left NRM to fight for a new Uganda.”

“Those who fight for the new Uganda will one day be rewarded and not the current medals which are dished out anyhow. Adam has got onto the list of those who died while fighting for his country.”

Kampala Lord Mayor, Erias Lukwago warned that the struggle to liberate the country should not be owned by anyone.

“Whatever you do in the struggle should be for your country and not anyone else. Be in the struggle for your own volition but not for anyone’s sake. Fight for your country and not individuals. Even if you die, you have not died for anyone but your country.

Mulwana will be buried later today at Buziranduulu in Luweero district.

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