Strife within Masaka NUP leadership continues

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Strife within Masaka NUP leadership continues
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Tensions are escalating in Masaka as a strife within the National Unity Platform (NUP) leadership intensifies, raising fears of potential repercussions for the opposition in the upcoming elections.

Since the beginning of 2024, Masaka's NUP leaders have been embroiled in discord, mirroring the tumultuous end to the previous year.

Mathius Mpuuga, Deputy Leader of NUP in Buganda and Member of Parliament for Nyendo Mukungwe, emphasized the critical role of politics in Masaka, asserting that it profoundly impacts Buganda as a whole.

"The political landscape in Masaka determines everything in Buganda," warned Mpuuga.

The primary source of dispute revolves around Florence Namayanja, the Mayor of Masaka City, and Mathius Mpuuga.

Unconfirmed reports suggest a plot to remove Mpuuga as NUP deputy leader in Buganda and replace him with Namayanja, potentially exacerbating the fragile political environment.

Denis Lukanga Majwara, Democratic Party (DP) spokesperson in Masaka, issued a stern warning that any attempt to remove Mpuuga could erode NUP's influence in Buganda.

Joseph Kasirye, NUP registrar for Greater Masaka, echoed similar sentiments, stressing the importance of avoiding mistakes, including the replacement of party leaders.

"NUP leaders at headquarters should not force leaders in Masaka with mobilization campaigns that are not needed in their area," asserted Kasirye.

The internal discord is not only a cause for concern within NUP but has wider implications, as leaders across various political parties, including the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM), acknowledge the negative impact on common people struggling to access essential services.

"While some NRM and DP members in Masaka mock the internal strife within the NUP, others stress the potential consequences if the situation is not resolved adequately," stated a source that preferred anonymity.

The need for immediate resolution and unity within NUP becomes increasingly apparent to maintain a strong opposition front in Masaka and beyond.

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